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Do you ever feel like you’re faking it, or a little out of your depth when it comes to digital marketing?

We know Brand Managers are now expected to take on Digital Marketing responsibilities and learn it all as you go. So The Pull Agency are hosting a Digital Masterclass to get you up to speed on the basics.

This 4 hour essential training will cover:

  • How to run a social campaign
  • Setting up and optimising PPC
  • Automating email campaigns
  • SEO

The session will focus on the knowledge you need to talk the talk, but also how to go back to the office and make some meaningful changes. The interactive format will focus on how to apply what you learn to your business to improve results.

This is event is perfect for anyone who is a self-confessed beginner or feels like they need to brush up on how it all works.

Secure your place today as spaces will be limited.

Tea, coffee & pastries provided – arrival & coffee from 8.15, start at 8.30.