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Health and Beauty is at a crossroads. On the one hand, consumer spend on all things Beauty seems to be on an unstoppable growth path and the virtual meeting culture has fuelled our desire to look more beautiful than ever. On the other hand is a counter culture: the drive to put the environmental before personal vanity. To reject conformity with body-norms and demand more diversity and inclusion in beauty. Given this dichotomy, what stance should brands take?

Many brand marketers and advertisers have discussed the topic of social purpose. We wanted to know where the consumer stands in all of this. We asked 2000 people, representative of the UK population across age, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Our research seeks to better understand what consumers make of brands supporting fashionable (or woke) causes. Is it authentic or fake? Should Health & Beauty Brands take on social or even political causes, and which ones? What does diversity and inclusivity mean and how real and diverse should models be in advertising to balance relevance with aspiration?

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