The Pull Agency


On Thursday 2nd August the results of our English wine survey were revealed at our event The Wine That Dare Not Speak Its Name, held at the Harbour Hotel in Guildford.

Experts, vineyards and sommeliers attended the event to see what the results of the survey were and how it might help position their own products in an ever more competitive market. The aim of the survey was to investigate how British consumers buy and perceive English wine, and more specifically English sparkling wine.

From our survey of over 1,000 people across the UK, a vast of majority of British consumers have a poor understanding of English sparkling wine. With 85% either clueless or only having the vaguest ideas about English wine, with 14% claiming they knew something, and only 1% claiming to be ‘pretty knowledgeable.

The main barrier to purchase was the perceived high cost, due to lack of knowledge about English wine and what it tastes like, having never bought it before and having nothing obvious to compare it to.

From the people surveyed, in total 60% indicated they believed that if English sparkling wine had an overarching name and core identity like Champagne or Prosecco then more people would buy it.

The overwhelming take-away’s from our survey are:

- 85% of British consumers “don’t have a clue” about English wine

- Trialling English Sparkling wine is predicated on knowledge of its similarity to Champagne

- 60% of British consumers think more English sparkling wine would be bought if it had a core identity like Champagne or Prosecco

- Consumers buy wine using simple signposts. The absence of a clear, simple signpost for English sparkling wine is holding consumers back from trying it.