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We launched a new site for Crimestoppers and increased crime reporting by 25%

Our client

Crimestoppers give people the power to speak up and stop crime.

For over 30 years the charity has operated a hotline and website where people can report crime with total anonymity. The information it gathers has the power to transform lives, helping the police trace and catch criminals, prevent crime and make the country a safer place for everyone.

Planning the sitePlanning the site

The challenge

Crimestoppers works because it inspires trust in the promise of anonymity and the life-changing impact their work has on entire communities.

Unfortunately, its website was undermining this. Reporting a crime just wasn’t as easy as it should be, and the site was in need of improvement. And there was a bigger problem. Who is Crimestoppers?

Crimestoppers was suffering from a big issue with its brand - it wasn’t immediately obvious that it was a charity. It was easy to assume it was an extension of the police. If that was the case, how many people were too afraid to speak up? How much crime went unreported? How many lives were being ruined?

The solution

Building a website is complicated. The trick is to make the result look simple.

The best way to do this is to ask real people and real users. This meant a series of workshops with Crimestoppers where we arrived at a set of user stories and empathy maps to inform the sitemap and wireframes.

The client was familiar with Kentico. We’re a Kentico Gold Partner. When it was time to choose a CMS, it was the perfect platform. Bringing together our Web Development and UX teams, we used a modular approach, creating custom ‘widgets’ that allow pages to be easily altered.

Crimestoppers was also about to unveil a new brand identity, giving Pull the task of interpreting its new brand guidelines for the digital arena.


People reporting crimes might have a window of just a few seconds to do so. So, as well as ensuring the new site was mobile-responsive, the anonymous form was streamlined. Containing just six ‘flows’, users are asked specific questions based on the crime they’re reporting.


On the old site, donating was a frustrating process. How many users wanted to make a quick donation, but didn’t? Giving the new ‘donate’ button greater prominence on the site also helped address the misconception of the brand.

The whole process was overhauled, with PayPal and SagePay integrations allowing seamless one-off payments. Ongoing donations via Direct Debit can also now be submitted online, meaning the site now has the potential to change Crimestoppers’ business forever!

Campaigns and Media

Crimestoppers rely on building partnerships and relationships with businesses. They need to understand the work the charity does and see the results. That’s why we revamped the Campaigns and Media section. Within this, visitors can read the latest news, view the most recent campaigns or download the latest press releases. Crucially, all this content is easily edited and updated by the Crimestoppers team.


In the month following the launch of the site, the number of crimes being reported using the new anonymous form increased by 25%, while site response times decreased by 400%. Imagine the difference that could make to someone who only has a moment to report a crime. Pull created a new website. But it is so much more than that. It’s a smarter, more effective weapon in the fight against crime.

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