Future of Beauty Podcast

In 2020 we launched our first nationwide research piece forming our Future of Beauty series. Always with a focus on consumer behaviour and their views in the category we have spoken to hundreds of brands from Estee Lauder's global teams to unique start-ups like By Sarah London. Each brand bringing an amazing story to the table around topics on sustainability, Gen Z, Social commerce and more. We very quickly realised this had to be shared and by combining our consumer led insights with our understanding of brand- Unfiltered was born!

Intended to add diversity of thought into various Health and Beauty topics. We invite category experts and brands to bring their amazing stories to the table, because we believe debating different or even opposing viewpoints adds richness into insight. So, sit back, listen and be stimulated by a kaleidoscope of experiences and thoughts. Arm yourself with some interesting new perspectives on the Health and Beauty industry.

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