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Google Ads Have Changed Colour

Google has changed the colour of adverts in its search results, so what does this mean for advertisers?

You might have noticed something a bit different with Google recently. Or rather, you probably haven’t noticed something different. And that’s sort of the idea.

Basically, Google’s going green. Nope, we’re not talking about their carbon footprint - although we’re sure those driverless cars are total gas-guzzlers 😉 – we’re talking about the ads you see every time you Google something.

Previously, these were labelled ‘ad’ in yellow and were easy enough to spot, but with this switch to green they now blend in with organic results. So, why the change and how does this affect advertisers? 

The cynical amongst you will see this as a cash-grabbing ploy by the search giants, and to be honest, you’re right! The more clicks those ads can hoover up for advertisers, the more revenue Google will pull in. Organic results have always outperformed ads, so by ‘disguising’ them, unsuspecting users are more likely to click. On the one hand that’s great, because clicks to your site are why you’re advertising in the first place, just be prepared to put your hand in your pocket.

And, because the ads now blend in much more with organic results, advertisers need to tighten up their keyword bidding strategy and make sure the keywords they’re bidding on are sending traffic to the correct landing page. 

Let’s take booking a holiday as an example - if someone searches for a holiday in Greece, the paid ads should send users to a landing page with those holidays. If they send them to a generic landing page, they’re not going to find what they’re looking for and they’ll perform a new search. More than ever, the user experience is now key.

If you’re not sure how these changes are going to affect your advertising strategy, or if you just want some help running a paid search campaign then get in touch. Our certified specialists have years of experience running conversion optimised campaigns that give you the best ROI.

Posted 4 July 2016 by Ben Waterhouse