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We, along with some world-class speakers, looked at how machines should behave in a world that is being reshaped by the fourth industrial revolution. AI is a minefield as it can be built with bias due to what its taught (human bias) or the data its exposed too. It is a technology that sparks the human imagination for both good and bad. What will the world look like as we share the world with intelligent machines?

The AI revolution will be of the magnitude of the Industrial Revolution - but probably larger and definitely faster. Where the steam engine only took over physical labour, AI can perform both intellectual and physical tasks. As we sit on the cusp of this next digital revolution we take stock of the ethics behind these machines, how empathy plays a role to truly meet the needs of our consumers and finally how this revolution will effect every brand and what you need to do to truly create disruption and innovation into your business.

AI Empathy Ethics and Your Brand

Today’s entrepreneurs and business leaders have some new questions that their forbears didn’t have – or perhaps didn’t always lose too much sleep about. They are:

Why does my business do what it does?
Is that meaningful to my employees?
Is my business acting with empathy towards its employees and customers?
Am I choosing to deploy the magic of my machines to benefit humanity or just me?
Am I acting to ensure that I take full responsibility for the way in which I use the technology and the impact it has so I will never ‘blame the machine’?

Artificial intelligence is the next big inflection point in our lives, in the same way the invention of the internet was. But, when it comes to business, how can we get our heads around this huge shift in a practical manner and not be left behind?

We need the magic of machines but the creative of humans brought together. 

Below were our fantastic guest speakers who gave their insight into how they think humans and machines can work together; ethically and empathetically. Download their presentation to learn more.

If machines are going to be superior providers of information than humans, what are the implications for the businesses that deploy those machines?
And why is this important?
Download Phil's presentation.
If we are going to be dealing with machines to help us as customers, patients, clients etc. Do we need our machines to be empathetic? And if so, can we do that in a way that the recipient will like?
Download Minter's presentation.
If we want to be the people that made things happen rather than watched things happen, what do we need to do to generate true disruption and innovation in the businesses we work in?
Download Nicole's presentation.
We would like to think that today’s industrialists are a little more thoughtful about the impact their new machines have on the world and society. Perhaps our connectedness and the level of scrutiny businesses of today receive make it impossible to act otherwise, but we would like to think that the businesses that inspire, those that people want to work for, and work with, are genuinely motivated by more than money. They do give a damn about the planet and those that sail on it, and that they use their power, influence, resources and technology to choose the right projects, partners and actions. And that in the end they will win because people will give a damn back.

And lastly, some advice from a small business which is getting to grips with AI and doing our first AI-related projects. Make a start. Do something – however low key. Start with a chatbot. That’s one of the first things Pull did.