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As the middle child between the larger cohorts of baby boomers and millennials, Gen X is often overlooked. But make no mistake: Gen X is outspending younger and older Health and Beauty consumers by up to 44%. Yet less than 5% of Health and Beauty brands in the US target Gen X.

The characteristics of the Gen X age group today are vastly different to what their parents were like as 40-55 year olds. Gen X are active, fashion-oriented and at the peak of their spending power. They prove to be highly confident digital explorers and seamlessly navigate a phygital world to discover, learn and shop for their Health and Beauty needs. To many of them, age is just a number. They are not ready to be labelled old quite yet and they have a clear view of what they are looking for.

In our report, we inspire brands to think about better understanding their core audiences to effectively tailor their marketing approaches. If Gen X is part of your brand’s target, download our report now and find out how your brand can best tap into Gen X’s vast spending power.


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