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How to keep up to date with digital marketing trends

Always feel left behind with anything digital marketing related? Here’s how you can stay up to date and bang on trend.

Always the last to know about the latest Google algorithm update? Sneakily having to Google terms your colleague or agency spent the whole meeting talking about? Here’s how you can stay up to date with the ever changing world of digital marketing and spot opportunities for your brand.

One: Digital Marketing Blogs

There are so many blogs out there that push out blog posts or tweets as soon as a big change at Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. are announced. Bookmark them, follow them on Social Media or sign up to their mailing lists.

Some of my favourites are: Marketing LandSocial Media Today and Search Engine Land. You can also follow Facebook’s Newsroom blog and Google’s blog.

Some of these blogs are also good for getting advice about new changes and for getting an insight into how a new change will affect businesses like yours.

Pull’s blog in particular is full of advice on how you can jumpstart your digital marketing. 

Two: Twitter

  • Follow the Twitter accounts of relevant digital marketing bloggers (see point 1)
  • Follow your digital marketing agency – if you have one
  • Put keywords into Twitter’s search bar and find people who are tweeting a lot of digital marketing news, follow them if you want to. If you don’t want to follow them then add them to a Twitter List.
  • Twitter will eventually learn you’re interested in digital marketing and it will start to adjust the trending hashtags to be relevant to digital marketing. So a quick glance at your hashtags will keep you in the know. 

Three: Going to events

This one’s a big of a tricky one, because sometimes it’s not always possible to take a whole day out to go to a marketing event. And some of them come with a hefty ticket price, which your department might not have the budget for.

Having said that, events are a really good way of learning about digital marketing trends and in particular, other people’s interpretations of them and their attitudes towards the latest news and changes.

My favourite part of going to events is when the audience ask the speakers questions, because that’s when the conversation really starts. 

TFMA and Marketing Week Liveare two good digital marketing events to attend.

Four: Creating a dialogue in your business

Turning your business into a knowledge sharing culture is the best way to stay in the know.

  • Share relevant blogs and articles with your work colleagues
  • Encourage them to share articles and blog posts they’ve read
  • Start a conversation about them
  • This will ensure your whole team is kept in the loop and by talking to each other, you might gain some insight or see an opportunity for your brand

Your turn

Tell us your experiences staying up to date with digital marketing – tweet usFacebook us or join the conversation on LinkedIn.

You can also follow our social media accounts and keep checking our digital marketing blog. It’s jam packed full of digital marketing advice and news. 

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