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Google Display to banish Flash ads
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Google Display to banish Flash ads

Google's Networks; AdWords and DoubleClick will be switching off their Flash ads as of June 2016.

Are you running Flash adverts on Google display? We have some bad news for you then… Google has recently announced that as of June 30th 2016, its AdWords and DoubleClick networks will no longer accept new display ads built in Flash. These two networks place content on more than a million websites, so if you’re running Flash ads currently, you need to look at changing these to HTML 5 pretty soon!

And it doesn’t stop there…. from January 2017, Google Display will stop displaying Flash ads on websites altogether – however some video ads built with Flash will still be accepted. Going forward, advertisers will need to use HTML 5 which is being rolled out across many websites currently.

To be honest, we’re not desperately upset about this. Consumers already can’t view Flash videos or advertising through any Apple products as it is - and with around 60% - 70% of internet browsers using an Apple device, it’s not a total shock that Flash is being abandoned. We at Pull already try to use HTML 5 where possible so that we aren’t neglecting a large pool of consumers.

However, if you’re concerned about the Flash turn off, give us a call and we will help you transition your ads into HTML 5 before June 30th. You’ve got 4 months to get your ads switched over!

Posted 11 February 2016 by Virginia Girtz