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On the money about Homebase

Does the Homebase management read the Pull brand blogs? You would think so looking at their latest ad campaign launched this week.  This is what we wrote in January about re-positioning Homebase.

"The other brand positioning opportunity would be something of a development of Homebase’s existing positioning. I would judge that Homebase gets a higher percentage of female visits – and as such surely there is an opportunity for a more vibrant ‘homemakers’ positioning? i.e. eschew the ironmongery, bags of cement and drills for a focus on decorating, furnishing and the outdoors. We might not be able to live in the outdoors the way Australians do, and fewer people seem to have time for hard-core gardening these days,  but surely there is an ‘outdoor living’ positioning for Bunnings here? One that considers the current trend for extending the time we can spend outdoors with deck patios and heaters, attractive, resilient and well-priced garden furniture, awnings and other ingenious articles that help make outdoor living possible in our inclement climate." See full Blog post

Posted 11 March 2016 by Chris Bullick