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The AIs have it

The latest thought-provoking projects from the world of AI and emerging technology.

The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technology is moving fast. Back in 2018 we wrote about how AI is improving lives and since then the uptake has continued to grow rapidly worldwide, with Gartner reporting that 37% of organisations have implemented AI in some form.

We’re thrilled to see this new toolkit being used to solve all kinds of brand and business challenges. There have been exciting projects cropping up in almost every country and sector over the past few months, we cherry-picked five of our favourites:

Lexus Europe’s Ad Created by AI


Brands harnessing the power of AI to create ads is no longer a new phenomenon, giants like Coca Cola have been using this kind of technology for content creation for some time now. However, when Lexus unveiled the very first TV advert entirely scripted by AI alone, it certainly caught our attention.

Their agency partnered with IBM to use Watson and analytics to produce the screenplay, then recruited an Oscar-winning movie director to bring it to life. The AI analysed scenes from previous award-winning car campaigns along with additional data on human intuition, to ensure the advert focused on the intuitive aspect of the new Lexus model. The resulting ad was the intriguing story of a self-aware car and its creator - apt indeed!

As the use of AI becomes more prevalent in creative industries, could you be leveraging it as part of tackling creative challenges?

Amazon and L’Oréal Let You Try Makeup with AR

As an agency working in the Health, Beauty & Lifestyle arena, we’ve seen plenty of exciting projects that have real potential to push the sector forward. One that stood out was L’Oreal’s integration of the ModiFace augmented reality (AR) platform with Amazon’s product catalogue.

This innovation allows consumers to digitally try thousands of makeup shades by livestreaming how they would look in real time, with highly realistic results. We were hugely impressed with how well this supports the purchase experience for customers.

How can emerging technology help to enhance your user journeys?

Dominos Deliver Pizza with Robots

The application of autonomous vehicles to deliveries is often talked about, and leading brand Dominos have now announced that they will be using robots to deliver pizzas.

Kicking off in Houston, Texas, they will be partnering with a robotics firm to build the small, self-driving trucks which will transport food from the store. Eventually, similar vehicles are likely to be used for a wide range of deliveries including groceries, flowers and other goods. Naturally this story was widely talked about and shared online, resulting in valuable brand lift for Dominos.

Could an emerging technology project give you a great PR story?

The NYPD’s Crime-Solving Pattern Recognition System

The New York Police Department have recently revealed how they are using AI to tackle crime. No, this isn’t a ‘Minority Report’ style system to predict where crimes will occur, it’s simply a piece of software designed to recognise patterns.

Known as Patternizr, the algorithm allows crime analysts to cross-reference hundreds of thousands of crimes logged in the police database, which previously involved sifting through reports and manually deciding whether they fit a pattern. The results speak for themselves, in testing the system accurately returned parts of patterns 80% of the time.

Can machine learning help you to make a lot more of your existing data?

A Chatbot for Emotional Health

There is a growing awareness of the importance of mental health, but you might not immediately think it’s something that a machine can help with. Time to think again, with AI start-up Youper announcing that they have raised $3 million in funding for their chatbot that serves as an ‘emotional health assistant’.

The company has worked with doctors, scientists, and engineers to create an AI that personalises mental health techniques to fit users’ individual needs. In fact, there may be many situations where the chatbot offers a more suitable solution than a human, by breaking down the barriers of both fear and cost.

Are there ways that you could use new technologies as a force for good?


Want more? Take a look at the projects that we at The Pull Agency have undertaken in this area, such as a custom AI solution for suit makers The Drop.

Sparked an idea? We’d love to help you solve a business challenge by using cognitive services, bot frameworks, machine learning tools, or perhaps something else altogether. Get in touch and tell us your woes!

Posted 1 July 2019 by Stephen Miller