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The rise of the Anti-Black Friday

We look at the best Anti-Black Friday campaigns, from Lush to Deciem. 

Black Friday is fast approaching for consumers and for marketers if you’re only just thinking about Black Friday now….it’s getting a little late in the day!

Here at Pull we’ve been reminiscing about the best Black Friday campaigns we’ve seen and as we began looking back something jumped out to us as a definite Black Friday trend, so many of the campaigns were about anti-consumerism, anti-spend on cheap disposable things, on a day that in the past has been about mindless consumerism. Let’s all cast our minds back to past scenes of customers fighting in shops over T.V’s….no one wants that! 


So what have been some of the best Black Friday ethical spending campaigns? We give our top 4:
Deciem – Has an interesting take on Black Friday with their Know’vember movement, this encourages their customers to think about their own consumption and consumerism and promoted video’s to raise awareness of how black Friday impacts the planet.

Allbirds – Made a clever move with their ‘pay it back to the planet’ campaign. Instead of discounting their prices they actually increased their prices by £1. With that £1 going towards a charity called Mother Nature matched by allbirds.

IKEA – Also ‘paid back’ to the planet by buying up old furniture with #buybackfriday. This incentivised people to give IKEA back their old furniture for which they received 50% back of the items original value as a voucher. Items that could not be resold were given to communities in need.

Lush – Absolutely smashed it as usual with their limited-edition orangutan soap. Launched in November as a finger to consumerism and our overconsumption of natural resources. They made 14,600 bars of orangutan soap, the same number of Samatran orangutans left in the wild and all proceeds went to the Orangutan society.



So, what will your Black Friday campaign be? Or should I say anti-black Friday campaign! We hope we’ve inspired you and got those creative juices flowing.

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