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The Top Wellness Brands and What Your Beauty Brand Can Learn
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The Top Wellness Brands and What Your Beauty Brand Can Learn

It’s no secret that consumers are making wellness a priority, but who’s doing it well?
It’s no doubt that wellness is a HUGE trend in all areas of the beauty industry right now. Especially after Covid, where we saw consumers show a 65% increase in the prioritisation of their own mental & physical wellness. This huge trend has led to the emergence of some pretty awesome wellness brands that are doing all they can to help us feel our best, and there’s lots we can learn.

With the tools to practise wellness from home becoming more accessible, people have slowly been making small daily changes that have a big impact, and just like everything else on the internet, many beauty brands have been adapting to this!

Euromonitor even included “Wellness” as one of the 10 megatrends shaping consumer behaviour and attitudes in the long term so clearly it’s important to consumers.

But what can beauty brands learn and emulate?

I decided to take a look at some brands that are not only acing it on the wellness front, but also acing it when it comes to key aspects of their brand. From a deep understanding of their audiences, to having their finger on the pulse with marketing, here’s what I found.


Now, put your hand up if you started a hobby in lockdown and never continued it when we went back to normal life… 🙋‍♀️ Well that’s exactly what Peleton aimed to combat.

Not a new brand of course, but the cycling brand is the pioneer of at-home fitness and to date, has sold over half a million products in markets including the UK, US and Canada. Despite launching in 2012, they managed to still tap into something a lot of people craved during the pandemic… the gym! And being able to do a quick workout whilst also being able to keep an eye on your banana bread in the oven.

They were so popular during covid, they paused their marketing due to skyrocketing sales. Peleton quite literally changed the exercise industry and that is a huge reflection of how well they knew their audience, their product and had their finger on the pulse when the whole world couldn’t leave their homes. Further highlighting how important it is for your brand to always be finding ways to stay relevant & relatable.


Now I think this may be one of my fav new wellness brands because I’m a girl who loves her bed 😴

Eight Sleep are a brand on a mission to make your bedtime one of kind. They created a high-tech bed, called a “Pod” that comes with: temperature-regulating microclimates that can be heated or cooled; sensors that track deep sleep, REM sleep, and daily heart rates; and a gentle wake-up experience, with an alarm that gradually cools the mattress.

Sounds insane right? Something out of the future? How could I possibly sleep in a bed that warms up one side and cools the other? Well, they did it. And it’s only getting better.

To take things further, in 2021 they rolled out an AI feature that tracked the users ideal sleep conditions and their next dream is to build biometric scanners that can detect early signs of the flu.

Eight Sleep has listened to consumers placing high prioritisation on wellness, which in turn, is linked to a good night’s sleep, and have sprinted with it.



Attn Grace are a sustainable brand that have set out to change the way society views menopause, a subject that was explored on our Future of Beauty Unfiltered podcast last year!

Launched in 2020, Attn Grace aim to help women celebrate and nurture the body that has carried her through the years. The wellness brand designs personal-care items like liners, pads, and briefs with elegant packaging (gone are the old fashioned or unattractive designs), as well as a gentle barrier cream for sensitive skin. All of their products are made with sustainable, bio-based materials in carbon-neutral factories.

Their goal is to de-stigmatize and normalise these times in a woman’s life, encouraging communication and providing specifically designed solutions. Co-founder Alexandra Fennell said “there’s such a huge, exciting opportunity to innovate for this older demographic. This is true across so many different consumer categories, not just in health and wellness.”

This quote is so powerful and something that is resonated here at The Pull Agency, so much so, we’re hosting our flagship Future of Beauty event about it in October – surrounding Gen X! Stay tuned.
So what can we learn? You may not be a wellness brand, but there is a lot you can take away from the brands I’ve explored. Making sure you’re ahead of the game but being in touch with your consumers & their purchasing behaviour is key – keep up to date with what they want and reflect this in your marketing efforts.

And of course, we can help with all of this. Just get in touch at

Posted 1 August 2023 by Liv Povey