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After being hidden away in masks for so long, lip balm brand Carmex wanted people to celebrate - after two years of lockdowns, people were now able to visit places, see people and live life to the full…but not without their trusty Carmex by their side.

For many people, Carmex is an obsession. Harnessing this and tapping into the brand’s playful personality, we launched their #NotWithoutMyCarmex campaign, working with influencers & creators across TikTok and Instagram to create a mini roadblock of content, amplifying this with paid social to reach 14 million users, smashing engagement rate benchmarks along the way!

Three phones against a red and yellow background with the hacktag 'Not without my Carmex' running across them


It was in Alfred Woelbing’s kitchen that Carmex was first established. Founded in 1937, the iconic red and yellow pots pioneered lip care as we know it. Today, the brand’s products can be found around the world, with their multi-flavour range available in a tube, stick and of course the historic pot.

Over the years, love for the brand has grown into an obsession for many Carmex fans. It’s not unusual to hear customers say that cannot go a day without it or leave home unless they’ve applied their Carmex.

Carmex moisteriser circular yellow tin. Watermelon flavour


Carmex has achieved iconic status, but they wanted to ensure that continued with the next generation, Gen Z.

So, our task was to generate this level of brand-love among a newer generation, tapping into the Carmex obsession across multiple social media channels to drive mass awareness, while also educating users them on the importance of lip care in the wake of lockdown & mask wearing.

Moodboard showing various models using Carmex inside some hand drawn style frames


To really capture attention and cut through the noise on social, we needed a campaign concept that would resonate. #NotWithoutMyCarmex combined consumers’ brand love with the celebratory feeling of being allowed out once more.

With the campaign concept set, we combined our Health & Beauty expertise and knowledge of the influencer marketing space to work with 11 fashion, beauty & lifestyle creators, crafting a brief to bring the campaign to life across TikTok and Instagram.

Mixing exciting locations with their own individual styles, the influencers captured the energy and excitement of #NotWithoutMyCarmex producing lively, engaging, content that reflected the colourful personality of the Carmex brand across the key social channels

A diagonal phone with model and a carmex product in yellow packaging


To capitalise on the campaign’s momentum, the content was amplified using paid social, with co-branded adverts targeting key audiences across social media, driving mass awareness and valuable engagement for the brand.

view over the shoulder of woman holding a phone, watching Carmex socal video

The Results

#notwithoutmycarmex was a huge success, reaching 14M users with the campaign message, generating 11.1M video views and driving an overall engagement rate of 11%.

The campaign seemed to light a spark in Gen Z and proved so successful that Carmex extended the campaign to include new influencers and even create a custom #NotWIthoutMyCarmex audio track!

Phone in hand watching Carmex social video

“Working with Pull to launch our influencer campaign was really exciting - They brought our vision to life, provided detailed analysis throughout and delivered some incredible results which exceeded industry benchmarks!”

Hannah Webb, Brand Manager for Carmex at Grafton International

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