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A reimagined experience for a high traffic site

Mindshare is a global media and marketing services company formed in 1997 and are one of the world’s largest media agencies. They needed a revamped platform to display case studies created by their 1000’s of global members. They also needed a comprehensive awards system in the backend. Pull created a completely new admin system that was highly optimised with improved UX and lightning fast.

A person using a laptop with the Mindshare case studies site open

The Challenge

The Mindshare case studies site has two distinct parts. Firstly there is the front-end site which their users navigate to view and create new case studies, as well as judge and score them. Then there's the back-end admin platform which enables Mindshare staff to create new pages, schedule monthly awards and check the progress of judging.

The front-end site needed a refresh inline with Mindshare's updated brand. The admin site was pretty old and it was proving tricky to update it with new features or bug fixes. The interface and structure was in need of a complete overhaul in order to meet Mindshare staff's needs.

Two Pinterest adverts shown after user clicks through to them

What we did

Pull analysed and improved the user flow and UI design of the front-end site with a mind to being able to plug it in to the brand new admin area. Much of it was rebuilt with an emphasis on optimising the site speed for it's users.

We updated the design to be more in-keeping with Mindshare's brand, as well as using HTML best practices to ensure a fast page speed and minimal load times. We massively improved the case study search functionality so users had minimal wait to find what they were looking for.

A visual sitemap of the Mindshare case studies site
Mindshare case studies home page, against a purple background, showing a case study of Emngland women's football team
Mindshare case studies site shown on two mobile devices at a jaunty angle
Case study page for KFC campaign, showing a robotic Colonel Sanders

A new admin area with a brand new workflow

The Mindshare Case Studies site doesn’t just display work from it’s thousands of members, it also has a system for creating, scheduling and picking winners of their awards. It was a very complex process that needed to be re-mapped.

The site structure and user flows were refreshed, with the admin area being competely redesigned and rebuilt from scratch as well as being re-platformed.

We also designed the admin site to have both light and dark themes so the user could choose the interface they were more comfortable using.

Case Studies admin area dashboard, showing a light theme
Case Studies admin area dashboard, showing a dark theme

A refined awards process

We worked extensively to understand the issues of the current process, and after numerous meetings and planing sessions came up with a far more optimised and intuitive system for Mindshare. Admins could now see and edit the entire workflow from a single page, and see all judging activity. This improved efficiency allowed their users to do what they needed to do without sacrificing much of their time, and made the process much clearer.

Screenshot of a judging panel showing a list of judges and their scores for a case study
Admin screen showing the Mindshare campaign of the month page.

The Results

The transformation of Mindshare's case study portal by Pull represents a strategic overhaul of both the user interface and the underlying administrative processes. By focusing on user experience, performance optimization, and system functionality, Pull delivered a platform that not only meets the contemporary demands of Mindshare's global user base but also positions the company for future growth and innovation in digital content presentation and awards management. This case study exemplifies the importance of adaptive design and development in maintaining relevance and engagement in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

A montage of mobile screens shpwing the case study portal

“Pull transformed our case study portal, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency with a superb new platform that perfectly aligns with the Mindshare brand.”

Elena Livshits - Director, Mindshare Worldwide
Mindshare logo on their brand purple colour background

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