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Andertons came to Pull asking for a simple logo redesign - but we saw a rockstar ready to be unleashed.


Andertons are a leading supplier of contemporary musical instruments with a physical store in Guildford, an online store with global reach, and Andertons TV - a music YouTube channel with nearly 300,000 subscribers. The business is led by Lee Anderton, the founder’s grandson.

Andertons came to Pull asking for a simple logo redesign - but we saw a rockstar ready to be unleashed.

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We conducted research for Andertons in 2016, and discovered a huge gap between the performance of the business and the image of the brand. It turned out that Andertons was much loved by a hugely enthusiastic fan base. However, their flat blue colour scheme, logo, uniform, and website were unloved by both staff and customers.

It also turned out that Andertons has wonderful provenance and a great backstory. Andertons is rooted in the iconic era of rock and roll, and has played a small but significant part in rock history.

So Andertons aren’t just another online retailer. They don’t just sell instruments; they’ve been making musicians since 1964. Our challenge was to transform the brand to tell this story. With this mission in mind, we delivered a complete new identity for Andertons.



We designed a beautiful new logo to be implemented across channels. It draws its inspiration from classic 50s and 60s hand-drawn logotypes, reflecting the half-century of music heritage Andertons has under its belt.

We also created a versatile icon for social media and apps, which we also deployed in the physical store to signpost different departments - helping customers find what they need.

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The staff uniforms have been given a makeover. The clinical blue is gone, replaced by laid-back black or white T-shirts with the Andertons logo. To be honest, it’s a look you could rock just as easily off-duty.


The old website had a lot of issues with look, feel and usability that needed to be addressed, so we designed them a brand new one working on the IBM Websphere Commerce platform.


Another exciting facet of the project was the store design. Andertons is seen by many around the world as a Mecca for music, so the store needed a ‘wow’ factor to reflect this. With the new identity taking centre stage, Pull conceived plans for a refit of both external and internal spaces. We designed tactile installations using the new textured design language by using reclaimed materials alongside bespoke lighting and bold typography.


The new identity has been rapturously received by staff and customers alike.

“After 6 years at Andertons, this is probably the project I’m most proud of…

There are some visions that just can’t be executed without a third party coming in to shake
up the culture, and Pull have achieved that to a tee. The work you’re doing for Andertons
will have and has had an incredible, lasting impact.

It’s been a huge pleasure working with The Pull Agency, in particular Darren Cornwall and
Chris Bullick, who I would highly recommend to anyone looking to do any branding or
design work. Thank you borth for the incredible journey you’ve taken us on.”

 In addition to a happy client, our work on the project garnered three
prizes at the Transform Awards Europe 2018. We took home
Gold for Best Implementation of a Brand Development Project,
Silver for Best Brand Development Project to Influence Changed Mission,
Values or Positioning, and Silver for Best Visual Identity From The Retail Sector.

"Andertons Music Co.’s work with the Pull Agency was one of the judges’ darlings
for its ability to take a community and develop a brand for that audience."
Transform Magazine, Transform Awards Europe 2018

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