We used digital profiling to transform Schwarzkopf's campaign

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Conversion rate

An avalanche of new customers!

Schwarzkopf Professional are the hairdresser’s choice. Dedicated to creativity and backed by more than a century of innovation, they’ve built a reputation for expertise and quality amongst their clients. But they needed more.

Thanks to a lead generation campaign executed by Pull, we introduced Schwarzkopf to almost 500 salon owners and senior hairdressers – all of them potential new stockists and clients for the brand.

Schwarzkopf wanted a digital campaign. The one we delivered had the power to transform their salon portfolio.

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Isometric shot of brochures on table, featuring blonde women portraits

The Challenge

Hairdressers are loyal to ‘their’ brand. Convincing them to switch allegiances is tough. Schwarzkopf asked Pull to run an online campaign, offering a sample pack of free products.

But there was a problem – how could we make sure that the offer was promoted to the right people? Their previous digital campaigns had seen budget wasted on junior hairdressers and people without the power to sign off on new suppliers. Our challenge was to run a campaign to deliver the offer to the right people.

Bronze coloured shampoo bottles on display
Mobile showing BLONDME Facebook page

What we did

Research Pull carried out with Schwarzkopf confirmed that Facebook and Instagram were the social platforms used most frequently by hairdressers. However, this alone wasn’t enough to separate salon owners and decision makers from the Saturday junior or trainees.

So, using our knowledge of the platform’s targeting options, the team crafted an audience profile of senior hairdressers and salon owners through a combination of job title targeting, employment information and other interests, including which industry publications they read. This audience was served a series of lead generation ads.

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Magazine spread showing a make-up tips page
Isometric shot of various Mobile devices with BLONDME models on them

The Results

In just three weeks, we generated a massive 481 new leads from the campaign – that’s 23 potential new customers each day! All for a cost per lead of just £5.

Thanks to the simple lead forms, we saw an incredible 25% conversion rate. Most importantly, our targeting meant these were all quality leads. No more trainee or junior hairdressers, just decision makers.

Ultimately, the campaign proved so successful, that it was paused early to allow Schwarzkopf’s sales team to meet the demand.

Pack shots of the product
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Magazine layout.  Model with fringe
Large poster of BLONDME advertising

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