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Created by ex-McLaren cars designer Richard Thorpe, Gocycle make the best electric bikes in the world.

Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign and supporting digital marketing campaign executed by Pull, Gocycle were able to bring their new model to market, raising over $456k, smashing their fundraising target by nearly 200% and reaching a whole new audience in the US.

Gocycle asked us to help launch a new e-bike model. We transformed what they thought was possible.

Front shot of black Gocycle electric bike

Turning Heads

The electric bike market is a growing market, but a crowded one. Even on Kickstarter, there are new models being launched on a regular basis.

Fortunately, Gocycle have a great product. Once people lay eyes on its award-winning design, they rarely consider any other model or brand. So, the challenge was to get Gocycle in front of as many eyeballs as possible to hit their $250k target. And with the Kickstarter campaign only running for five weeks, this needed to be done quickly, and in a way that could be scaled up depending on results.

Gocycle alongisde luxury yacht
Eddie Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo using Gocycle

The Masterplan

Drawing on the expertise of our Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing teams, we identified a set of key personas who would be interested in the Kickstarter – those interested in e-bikes, those already familiar with Gocycle and those with an affinity towards the latest gadgets and tech.

Facebook’s wealth of interest targeting options, along with the sheer volume of users on the platform made it an obvious choice for the campaign, supported by search advertising on Google and a further Instagram campaign.

The campaign was also backed up with organic social media activity, while a contingency strategy to announce stretch goals was put in places should the campaign exceed its funding target before the five weeks were up.

Graph analysing market adoption
Gocycle side view
Gocycle alongside Mclaren car

Smashing it

Within the first three weeks, our campaign had already exceeded the initial funding target of $250k! The Kickstarter was live for another two weeks, and when the dust settled, we had raised an incredible $456k – a 82% uplift on our original target.

The campaign was also a hugely effective way to generate awareness of the Gocycle brand. The project was marked as a ‘project we love’ by Kickstarter, and the success generated considerable press within the cycling industry. In addition, Gocycle’s Facebook following grew by 67% during the campaign as we brought the bike to a wider audience.

1000 Facebook likes in one day
Gocycle white
Gocycle close up of rear wheel

What happened next?

Successfully funded, the Gocycle GS went into production, with backers of the campaign all receiving their bikes bang on time a few months later. This was followed by a wider launch at the end of summer, which Pull were once again asked to manage.

Gocycle ready for delivering

What they said

"Just wanted to say thank you for helping Gocycle get this result! Really cool! I think it looks great for the brand and will create some exciting new opportunities going forward."

Richard Thorpe
Owner and creator of gocycle

"Thank you for helping Gocycle get this result! Really cool!"

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