The Pull Agency

When Crimestoppers needed to overhaul its call-handling system, it turned to The Pull Agency.

Our client

For more than 30 years, Crimestoppers has operated a hotline and website that allows people to report crime quickly and with total anonymity.

Staff at Crimestoppers’ contact centre remove any details that could identify the person reporting the crime, and the information they gather is vital in the fight against crime.

The challenge

Agents at Crimestoppers’ contact centre answer and record well over 1,000 online and telephone reports per day. The charity does incredible work, but its technology was holding it back.

The old call handling system was difficult to navigate, requiring separate applications to create reports and log the location of offences. To process the reports efficiently, it needed an update. So, Crimestoppers turned to us for a solution.

The solution

Built by Pull’s experienced team of developers, we created a new web-based application, known as Hermes, which enabled staff to process and record reports from the public in a more secure, swifter and intuitive manner.

By implementing a mechanism to archive data on a daily basis, we were able to ensure the production environment remained fast and stable. The fully searchable database means workers at Crimestoppers’ contact centre now have the ability to generate customisable reports and analysis from the data collected.


At Pull, we believe that brand and technology have the power to overcome any challenge. The new, streamlined platform has transformed the work Crimestoppers does. With staff now able to process a greater number of calls and information, Hermes has become a vital tool in Crimestoppers’ mission to make our country a safer place.

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