We unleashed the power of Pinterest for skincare experts, Nip+Fab

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Increase in average order value

Introducing a new social channel into Nip+Fab’s digital strategy

Skincare experts Nip+Fab wanted to drive more revenue through their e-commerce store, but with the market more crowded than ever, cutting through the noise was a challenge.

By leveraging the untapped potential of Pinterest ads, we were able to grow Nip+Fab’s online business, increase traffic to their website, improve conversion rates and boost basket size by more than 10%.

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Who are Nip+Fab

Nip+Fab were founded over 10 years ago, pioneering the trend for ingredient-led skincare. With everything from Glycolic face scrubs to their iconic Dragon’s Blood serum, their sought-after regime kits have become a skincare staple for thousands of users around the world. Today, the brand remains committed to providing access to effective, ingredient-led and affordable skincare for everyone.

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The Challenge

While Nip+Fab had cultivated a strong following among consumers, with products available through retailers & marketplaces such as Boots and Look Fantastic, they wanted to focus on growing revenue through their own website. But post-Covid, the skincare market had become even more crowded, with competition for impressions and sales fiercer than ever.

As a result, we were tasked with helping Nip+Fab explore other avenues to help drive more traffic to their website, while increasing average order value (AOV).

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What we did

As Nip+Fab were already using Meta & Google ads, we looked to a platform they hadn’t previously used: Pinterest.

With higher purchase intent and an untapped audience of more than 445M monthly users, Pinterest presented a huge opportunity for the brand to not only drive more sales, but to reach and engage more new users.

Drawing on our knowledge of the platform, we knew that on average pinners had 30% larger baskets than users on other platforms, which would in turn lead to a higher AOV, more revenue and have a positive impact on ROAS too.

We used Pull's 'Consideration Loop' to structure the campaign. Targeting prospects based on their beauty interests along with 'actalike' and retargeting campaigns, we leveraged user actions like video views and pin engagements as well as previous customers and website visits.

The prospecting & ‘actalike’ campaigns would introduce Nip+Fab to a new audience, driving website traffic and in turn allowing us to increase the size of the remarketing audience, where we could focus on encouraging pinners to convert on the Nip+Fab site.

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the result

The impact of the campaign was massive. With a focussed approach and structure, the Pinterest campaigns drove an incredible increase in AOV, with orders from the Pinterest campaign worth an average of 11% more than those from Google. In addition, the return on ad spend was 24% higher than that of Google. But most impressive of all, with the ability to target a large pool of highly engaged beauty shoppers, we were able to deliver a conversion rate of 40% - over 1000% higher than Nip+Fab saw during the same period on Google.

After finding success with their campaigns, Nip+Fab have continued to run ongoing Pinterest activity, considering it as a key channel for product launches and communicating brand messaging.

“While we had used Pinterest for organic posting, it wasn’t a platform we had considered for paid ads previously. With Pull’s support, we seamlessly launched effective campaigns to help drive specific product ranges and increase all major KPIs. Thanks to the effective set-up and careful optimisation from the team, we now consider Pinterest ads a vital part of our overall digital strategy”

Frederica Watson - Head of Ecommerce Nip + Fab
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