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2015 Facebook features that make your Social more effective
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2015 Facebook features that make your Social more effective

There’s some new Facebook features we’ve been testing for our ecommerce clients that are helping them drive sales to their website and gain real insight into the effectiveness of their Social Media activity.

There’s some new Facebook features we’ve been testing for our ecommerce clients, like Facebook Shop Integration and Facebook Search that are helping them drive sales to their website and gain real insight into the effectiveness of their Social Media activity. 

Facebook Shop Integration 

This is a cool feature we discovered when creating an ecommerce website using Shopify for one of our health and beauty clients:

WIth Facebook shop your customers can see a new tab with your products and prices. When they click on a product they get taken to your website product page. So effectively your customers can now start their buying journey directly from Facebook. 

We only just implemented it and so far, we’re seeing good results.

From a social media marketing perspective, you can spend more time posting engaging content that your users like and less ‘promotional posts.’ Meaning your followers see more of your funny post, watch your videos or check out your photos, which may make them want to learn more about your products. Don’t think of Facebook as just a place to sell, think of it as a place to grow brand recognition. Then they can decide if they want to buy.

Facebook Shop gives them the tools to buy so you can focus on building a strong enough relationship to then encourage sales.

Have you had any experience with this new feature? Tweet us at @pulldigital or chat to us on Facebook.

Facebook Search 

Facebook has expanded their search function, so now users can search and find posts written by their friends, brands and all other public posts. Like Twitter, you can see what topics and themes are trending on Facebook.

Facebook are giving users more freedom about the kinds of content they can choose to see. Earlier this year, they introduced the ‘See First’ feature, where users can choose whose content they want to see first. With Facebook Search, users have even more choice about the kinds of content they can engage with.

This is a huge opportunity for brand owners. If we’re clever, we can make our posts Facebook search friendly and expand our organic engagement outside of our page followers and their friends.

For example, we optimised this post for the search term ‘British Hair Products’ by subtly using these words in different elements of the post:

Reactions (aka the ‘Dislike Button’)

Facebook will slowly start rolling out reactions, a series of alternatives to simply ‘liking’ a post. You can now react using with emojis like love, haha, yay, wow, sad and anger. Facebook is doing this so users can express empathy to posts in a number of different ways. 

Here's an example of it in action:

These reactions could give us an insight into what all those ‘serial post likers’ are actually thinking. We’ve all been there, we post something amazingly clever and funny, with a question, and all we get back are a load of likes, with no real indication of what users have done apart from acknowledge the post.

But soon, users will have a series of responses to choose from and will have to think a little harder about which one to respond with. That could mean they spend more time reading the post – and potentially more time engaging with your brand, which may positively impact brand recall.

These reactions also mean that us as brand owners will have to think harder about our content as well. We wouldn’t want to only have negative reactions and so when they do get rolled out, you may need to rethink your Social Media content plan. 

Other small changes that make a big difference:

- Facebook Page Verification
- Mentions
- Facebook Notes Revamp
- Facebook Local Insights
- Facebook Local Awareness Ads

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