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The Dos and Don’ts of Google’s Expanded Text Ads.

Google Expanded Text Ads are live, and as of next month you'll no longer be able to edit or submit standard ads. But don't panic, we've put together some quick tips to help you make the the switch

It’s been about six weeks since Google rolled out Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) across all AdWords accounts and, as of October 26th, standard ads will no longer be editable or accepted.

So if you haven’t already started to at least experiment with some ETAs, you really need to get cracking! With that in mind, we’ve pulled together some tips to help you create ETAs that will help direct more search traffic down the funnel into paid acquisition.

Do think mobile (As if you didn’t already)

As the old saying (sort of) goes; two headlines are better than one. However, this new format has been designed with mobile in mind and, depending on the screen size, your headlines will wrap onto a second line so make sure you’re considering how your ads will display across all devices. 

Don’t be lazy

We’re all super busy, so the temptation could be to just take advantage of the extra headline field and merely add a second headline to your existing ads. STOP! Remember how much blood, sweat and tears went into creating that ad in the first place? How you slaved away crafting the perfect ad? Well don’t undermine all that work by just slapping a second headline in. Consider how the second headline affects the ad and your message and where necessary start over. If you don’t think you’ll have the time, give us a call, it’s what we do! Otherwise, some quick tips that have worked well for us is to add in the call to action, e.g. Register Now, Book a Demo, Create Free Account etc. We have seen ads with a call to action in the second headline increase their CTR by 32%.

Do use BOTH path fields

This is where you can really boost your click through rates and CPC. As well as no longer having to enter your display URL manually when you create an ad, you’ll also now have the option to combine it with two new path fields. No longer are we limited by the domain character limit! Finally!

Both path fields are totally optional, but we think you’d be a fool not to take advantage. Used correctly, these will make it clear to users exactly which landing page you’ll be taking them to, making people far more likely to click your ad.

Don’t get rid of all your hard work

If an existing ad outperforms your new expanded ad, take that as a sign! Try to replicate the best bits within an expanded ad – maybe promote your description line in the existing ad to the second headline. It could be that pricing or numbers triggered certain queries so keep those and rework the rest of the ad copy around them.

If you don’t know your ETAs from your elbow, or just want to discuss your online advertising strategy in more detail,feel free to get in touch.

Posted 5 September 2016 by Virginia Girtz