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Four ways to freshen up your campaign targeting

Digital campaign turned a little stale? Here are four ways to breathe new life into your social advertising. 
We’ve seen enough digital advertising campaigns in our time that we know how things go - your campaign gets off to a great start, and this convinces you to chuck more money at it. But then, results often start to head south.
A lot of the time, the reason for this is audience fatigue. The audience you were targeting to begin with wasn’t broad enough to sustain your campaign results indefinitely. It’s time to freshen up that audience.
And that’s where we can help. We’ve pulled together the top tips for refreshing your campaign targeting and giving results a kick up the backside:
Upload Your Customer lists
We’re all creatures of habit. We stick to the brands we know, and shop at the same places over and over. This makes us pretty valuable to the businesses we patronise, In terms of sales, we’re a dead cert to them.

In that case, it makes sense for businesses to target these sure things. And most of the big social networks make it incredibly easy to do so, provided you know your way around an Excel sheet.
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter all provide advertisers with the option to upload a .CSV database of customers or prospects - or anyone who’s info you have (while remaining GDPR compliant, natch) – to the platform. The info is then matched against users on the network to create your lucrative campaign audience. And while every channel can match by email, each one also offers other unique ways to match, be it by username on Twitter or company name on LinkedIn.
Target People Who’ve Engaged in The Past
Hey, you know who else might like your ad? People who liked your other ads! That’s right, on Facebook and Instagram you can also create audience lists that consists solely of people who have previously engaged with your content. That could simply be people who’ve interacted with your page previously, but could also be those who’ve engaged with an advert or watched a percentage of your video.
While they may not be customers yet, the very fact that they’ve previously engaged with your content makes them a warmer prospect.

Website Visitors
Provided you have the necessary tracking pixels or tags set up (and if not, we can help), you can also create audiences to target based on visits to your website or app.

Available across all of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn,
if your site is one that sees particularly high volumes of traffic, this could mean you’ve got yourself a massive new audience to reach on social. You can also narrow the list by the URL they did or didn’t visit, and even by the time spent on certain pages.

If your site doesn’t see a lot of traffic, this is where it’s good to consider what other initiatives you could be running to drive more traffic to your site. Think email campaigns, native advertising, Google…
This is the big one! Everything listed above will help improve the performance of your campaign and deliver some great results. But what’s better than great results? Even greater results! And that’s where so-called ‘lookalikes’ come in.

Using either your customer list or website visitors as a source (and we’d recommend starting with whichever typically delivers the best results), lookalike audiences create a list of that network’s users that best match the people on your source audience. This is done by looking at everything from age and location, to job titles and content they’re engaging with. The outcome is a list of new targets that are as close as possible to your existing customers.

Here at Pull, we love a lookalike audience, and it isn’t uncommon to see conversion rates increase by more than 100% when they’re deployed well.

So, if your digital campaigns have got a little stale, or you’d just like to know more about the methods above, get in touch with our Digital Marketing team.

Posted 9 March 2018 by Ben Waterhouse