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Our Favourite Next Level Display Ads

We look into the the ever-evolving world of Display advertising.

You may have seen some jazzy new advertisements on Facebook or around the web of late featuring 3D models and interactive games, all part of the ever-evolving world of Display advertising.

We’ve included five of our favourite ‘next level’ adverts:

Lego: 3D Model

Lego, Jurassic Park and Clash Royale are just a few of the companies who've created 3D model adverts, not only do these cut through the normal adverts seen on Facebook, by initially looking different, but they’re also quite fun!

You can move the model around using your mouse which increases brand awareness, time spent engaging with the post and brand name recall. See the Lego advert here.

Bud Light: Snapchat Augmented Reality filters

Bud Light’s campaign, where the Bud seller guy follows you around (as seen on American T.V ads), has made his way to Snapchat.

Bud Light was one of the first companies to use 3D advert imaging in Snapchat last year. Once you apply the filter on Snapchat, Bud guy appears on your camera screen and offers you a beer. This is a great example of a campaign premise (seeing Bud guy everywhere) transferring over seamlessly into a digital campaign.

McDonalds: Interactive ad

McDonalds have created an interactive ‘choose your own menu’ advert in which you swipe to choose your combination of the McPick2 menu.

When you click the button the advert chooses the McDonalds closest to your location and gives directions, easy!

Quaker Oats: Interactive ad

Quaker is another example of using a great interactive ad to promote brand awareness. In the case of Quaker, they’ve cottoned on to a very trendy Pinterest sensation ‘overnight oats’.

The advert shows you how to make your own overnight oats by selecting ingredients and then dropping them into a jar, it then displays the full recipe and a link to the Quaker website to view more recipes. See the advert in action here.


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