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Brand Strategy & Design

At Pull, we believe inside every brand there is a better story waiting to be told.

Over 30 years of client-side brand management experience has helped formulate our scientific approach to brand development. Through our tried and tested tools, like our Brand Blueprint™ we develop strong foundations for your brand, while our design team translate this into the perfect brand identity.

Brand Healthcheck™

Our brand Healthcheck™ is used by brands that want to evaluate the strength of their purpose, positioning and communication.

Is your brand fighting fit?

We believe that the four fundamental pillars of brand strategy are: Purpose, Positioning, Communications and Technology. Pull breaks those into 14 dimensions against which we can evaluate your brand. This can provide both a benchmark against other health, beauty and retail brands and your competitors.

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Brand Blueprint™

A Brand Blueprint™ provides all the components that define a brand’s purpose, positioning and communications strategy.

Do you have the essential foundations for brand success?

Pull’s Brand Blueprint™ is for health, beauty and retail brands that need to answer the fundamental strategic questions about their brand: Why is the brand here? Where is the brand going? What is the brand's personality and how should we communicate it?

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Pull Brand Awards

Cost effective consumer research

Consumer research can help define target personas, understand category habits and attitudes, investigate generational differences towards brands, give insight into how products are discovered and bought; as well as attitudes towards important issues like environmental impact and animal testing.

Pull has a wealth of experience conducting research for health and beauty brands, as well conducting our own research such as the Future of Beauty programme.

What do we do?

  • Research design & management
  • Recruitment
  • Focus groups, surveys, product testing panels
  • Full analysis and insights report
Cost effective consumer research

Brand tracking

Pull specialises in helping brands that have not historically done brand tracking to get started by benchmarking key brand metrics against competitors. We have savvy up-to-date partners and use AI, aps and other technologies to deliver statistically robust results with relatively small samples and therefore modest budgets.

We help your brand make better marketing decisions, measuring brand performance across your target audience to deliver accurate, reliable and actionable insights.

View of mobile app, scanning a user for measurements

Visual identity

Your brand’s story is one that will be told across numerous touch points throughout the customer journey. We understand that, and it’s our job to help make sure your brand has an identity that works for today’s world.

So, whether it’s the evolution of an existing identity or crafting a new one from scratch, our team of talented creative designers will come together to create a versatile visual language to tell your story - beautifully and consistently.

STMNT Artwork

Brand guidelines and assets

For new or existing brands alike, brand guidelines remain a vital tool in ensuring consistency in the execution of your brand plans.

We understand just how important this is, and at Pull we use a suite of online tools to deliver and house your brand guidelines and asset library, preserving the integrity of your brand’s look and feel.

Symprove Case Study

View of guidelines

Product packaging

Packaging is often the first time that customers physically interact with a brand. But it should never be as simple sticking a logo on a box.

Distilling the essence of your brand and visual identity, we translate this into packaging and collateral that communicates your brand story, through our choice of materials, textures, finishes. Everything is considered, everything is deliberate and everything comes together to ensure your finished article does justice to your brand.

True Case Study

Product bottles next to their boxes
Dragons' den winners


It’s hard to overstate the importance of POS. For customers, it’s a signpost and a gateway to your brand. For brand owners, the chance to stake a claim for valuable retail real estate, and make a sale.

With years of brand experience, we understand this, and we know exactly what it takes to create effective POS material and sales collateral, ensuring your brand is realising its full potential.

Fibre Clinix Case Study

POS Fibre Clinix

Video & animation

When content moves, it has the power to move people. To stir feeling. To trigger emotions. Video and animation allow people to connect with and experience your brand in new, different and more creative ways.

We believe in the power of video because we’ve seen the difference it makes to brands. From adverts, to video tutorials, through to animations for social media, our creative studio is ready and waiting to get started on your project.

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